Alight Motion Old Version (All versions) 2023

Alight motion old version

Alight Motion old version


  • Animations that are keyframe-based in nature
  • Incorporating supplementary visuals and graphics into the video.
  • A selection of over one thousand premium fonts is available for use.
  • Implementing the diverse blending modes
  • Absence of a watermark
  • Forming alliances and donning disguises
  • Alteration to the color scheme
  • There are cameras with, among other capabilities, zoom, pan, and fog.
Alight motion old version features


Android version 6.0 or a later version (for optimal performance, Google recommends Android version 7.0 or above).

By browsing the version history of the application on Uptodown, you will be able to revert to an older version of the Alight Motion app if you find yourself in need of doing so. All of the many versions of the software’s files that are available for download from Uptodown are displayed here. Rollbacks of Alight Motion are now accessible for download on Android.

On the main screen of the application, tap the icon that seems to be a profile image. This will allow you to enter the My Account screen. You can sign in with your email address, any Google or Facebook account you already have, or your email address. You can do either of these two things. You can also sign in with Apple, but only if the device you’re using supports that choice.


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